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Localized website - region specific technical terminology and specifications for new Mexican market.



Translation for a generic (non-country specific) Spanish speaking audience


From simple documents, such as certificates and contracts, to comprehensive manuals and detailed content, Mixta Words delivers the highest quality translations within your timeline. All documents, electronic or paper (even handwritten!) are meticulously translated with the highest attention to detail and integrity of the source document. Your material will be thoroughly analyzed by trained native translators and edited and proofed before delivered ready to use. Specialized CAT software will (when appropriate) assure consistent use of terminology, style, etc throughout your document.  
Certification and Notarization available upon request.  


You know your business - We know how to expand your markets by delivering localized translations that speak the language. In addition to straight translation, localization can also include: Adapting images and graphics to target markets, Modifying content to suit the tastes and consumption habits of other markets, converting currencies and measurements to local standards and using proper formats for dates, addresses, and so much more.
The aim of localization is to give the look and feel of having been created for the target population.

Creation of original, culturally relevant content
Marketing that reflects specific language and cultural preferences in the content should always be the goal. But what do you do if you want to offer new content, products or services to Spanish speakers and need a plan for marketing and outreach? Mixta Words offers comprehensive cultural-specific content development and marketing plans for businesses and organizations that want to build that bridge.


Appointments, meetings and conferences (consecutive and sight, semi-simultaneous)

Cultural Consulting
Classes and consulting for businesses, organizations and individuals.Cultural expectation and diversity classes and seminars, creating efficient business connections within Latin America

English and/or Spanish editing and proofreading


Subtitles and Voice Overs