Mixta Words offers a variety of translation, interpreting and cultural consulting services, as well as print and web content development. Localization - adapting a product or service to a particular language, culture, and desired local "look-and-feel”-is our way of life. Our agency helps business open doors to new markets by providing culturally relevant translations and interpreting targeted to reach Latinos living in the US, Mexico and Central America and the Islands. Through intimate knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the culture, lifestyle, values and language, Mixta Words offers businesses, organizations, educators and individuals a bridge to reach and effectively communicate with our Latino neighbors, both locally and abroad.


Jodi Monroy

Jodi Monroy, Director of Mixta Words, has always been a lover of language and culture. With almost 20 years of multicultural living experience, including living abroad and extended academic training, she still considers it the highest compliment to be asked “Really, where are you from?” by both native English and Spanish speakers. Jodi married into a wonderful family from the Central Highlands of México and has worked tirelessly at successfully integrating the cultures into a thriving Mixta life for herself, her family and her community. She brings an intimate understanding and appreciation of the life experience of Latinos living in the US and abroad and uses that knowledge to create and deliver compelling and relevant content for businesses, organizations and individuals alike.

Areas of expertise include:

Technology & Media • Business / HR / Finance

Chemistry & Biology • Agriculture • Literature Medical

Legal • Education & Academia